ECY has EIGHT main objectives that we are determined to bring to fruition in our department.

1. Develop a ministry training program for youth leaders - The ECY Department will establish a three-tier training system to equip and empower leaders at the local, district, and general church levels.

2. Engage students in ministry according to the Acts 1:8 model by providing opportunities for service – Every student must have the opportunity to engage in God’s mission in their community and around the world.  

3. Develop the ECY infrastructure – The efficient flow of information, coordinated efforts among districts, and updated policies and procedures will make our service to youth leaders more effective. The ECY Department will refine and adapt ministry systems to provide excellent support to minstry leaders, pastors, parents, and students.

4. Launch a new student leadership program – Developing students into leaders is essential for the future of our local church, future churches, the denomination, and our missionary enterprise. The ECY Department will establish a system to identify, disciple, and mentor student leaders and release them for ministry.

5. Partner with other departments to achieve denominational goals – The ECY Department is committed to building the Kingdom by creatively supporting denominational efforts to plant new churches, extend our missionary outreach, and increase our members gained by profession of faith and total recorded testimonies of entire sanctification.

6. Partner with other departments to begin a denominational ministry to young adults – Post-high school students are some of the most likely candidates to disconnect from the local church and drift spiritually. The ECY Department will work with local, district, and general level leaders to develop and launch a holistic ministry outreach to young adults.

7. Improve the delivery of ministry resources – The ECY Department will work to provide every church with practical, affordable, theologically sound resources. 

8. Develop unity, community, & excitement in youth ministry – Leaders need encouraged, supported, and cared for consistently. Meaningful connections among youth leaders will increase longevity and effectiveness. The ECY Department will work to connect youth leaders through events and establishing intentional relationships.

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