Dan Parker OCU Scholarship

Dan Parker OCU Scholarship Application

Training ministry leaders is central to the success of youth ministry. Leaders who invest personally in ministry can be one of the greatest Christian influences in a student's life. The General Evangelical Christian Youth Department recognizes the need for this type of youth leader. We believe that God raises up special people for this purpose. It is our privilege each year to award the Dan Parker ECY Scholarship for the purpose of training future youth leaders, pastors, and missionaries who will invest themselves in young people.

The ECY Department is proud to award the Dan Parker ECY Scholarship annually to a graduating high school senior who enrolls at Ohio Christian University. Any student who is member in good standing with a local CCCU church is eligible to apply. The application procedures are as follows:

1.Provide a written testimony of your spiritual journey and what has led you to apply and plan to attend OCU (around 750 words).

2. Provide an official copy of your high school transcript. This will allow our board to review your sincerity and commitment to higher education.

3. Enclose a letter of recommendation from your pastor or youth pastor.

4. Complete & enclose the above application.

The only requirement of the recipient is that he or she follows through with the intention to attend OCU. The scholarship will be given in two $500 awards following the successful completion of each semester of the first year of study and is eligible to be matched by Ohio Christian University's Church Matching Grant. This results in a $2000 scholarship award. The recipient looses the privilege of the scholarship if placed on academic or social probation or any other related issues so determined by the college or the ECY board responsible for this scholarship. The ECY Department reserves the right to revoke this scholarship upon the sole discretion of the General ECY Board.

Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. If you have any questions, please contact the General ECY Office at 740-474-8856.