NED Lily Lake camp has been cancelled

Unfortunately, North East District will not be holding Lily Lake Youth Camp this year.  Please pray that the students of the North East District would draw near to God through this time of change and waiting. 

A possible NED event is being considered for the fall of 2021.

nipgen protocols

MEMO: Nipgen Youth and Teen Camps 2021 Health and Safety Protocols

Dear Parents, Youth Leaders and Pastors:

We want you to know the health and safety of your children is our utmost concern as we prepare for the 2021 Nipgen Youth Camps. We want everyone to have a safe and healthy camp season while they worship, praise, learn, and grow in their spiritual walk with the Lord. We have consulted with the Ohio Department of Health, Ross County Division and they endorse the measures we plan to take in operating youth and teens camps this summer.

The health and safety protocols for 2021 Nipgen Youth Camps are as follows:

1. Temperature Checks and Overall Health:

Temperature checks will be performed on the camper when they check into camp and every morning during breakfast.

If a camper starts feeling ill, they are to immediately report to the nurse and/or camp director to be evaluated. The parent(s) will be notified that the camper is not feeling well and will be asked to come pick up the camper.

2. Mask Wearing and Social Distancing (6 feet)*

During indoor activities (dorm rooms and tabernacle), campers will be required to wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose and they need to social distance the best that they can. Masks will not be required during outside activities or free time spent outside, and they are not to be worn while sleeping or showering.

*NOTE: If the State of Ohio moves to eliminate mask mandates or other requirements before camps begin, we will do the same at Nipgen.

3. Handwashing and Sanitizing Hands

We will ask that the campers wash hands and sanitize after using the bathrooms and before eating. Sanitizer and hand soaps will be freely accessible throughout the camp grounds. Reminders to wear masks, wash hands and social distance will be made throughout the day, however staff are not expected to be mask police. That is not our purpose.

4. Food

Campers are not to share food, water bottles, drinks, snacks, etc.

Plastic silverware will be used in the dining hall

Both sides of the dining hall will be utilized to help space out while eating

Picnic tables can be utilized for outside eating

Clear Plexiglas panels have been installed in the dining hall serving line to separate the staff and the campers while food is served

Snack Hut will be open and individually wrapped snacks will be available for purchase

5. Visits to camp

We ask that parents, family and other guests AVOID visiting during camp this year, with the exception of the

final camp service. If there is a legitimate need for you to visit the camp, please report to the camp office and staff will call your child to meet you there.

We want this to be a wonderful experience for everyone involved in the camp season. If your child is sick, please keep them home. Also, if you are uncomfortable with sending your child to camp, please keep them home. That being said, we believe it is absolutely vital that our kids return to camp this summer, because the Lord does amazing things at camp – lives are transformed, eternal destinies are changed and lifelong friends are made. Rest assured that we want to have a successful camp season and we want all of the campers to have a wonderful spiritual experience while at the same time staying safe and healthy.

Thank you for sharing your kids with us at Nipgen Campgrounds this summer!


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