2019 follow conference


cincinnati - Sat, december 28th - tuesday, december 31st

his year, the Wesleyan denomination has chosen to invite CCCU students and leaders along for their annual youth conference that will be taking place in Cincinnati, OH from Saturday, December 28th through Tuesday, December 31st. Follow Conference is an exciting, jam-packed time of spiritual transformation and fun that the youth of CCCU are blessed to be able to be a part of this year.  

The cost for Follow Conference is as follows:

Quad Room (4 registrations in room): $239 per registration

Triple Room (3 registrations in room):  $279 per registration

Double Room (2 registrations in room):  $329 per registration

Single Room (1 registration in room):  $429 per registration

Details about how this system works can be found in the Follow Conference Registration guide below as well as in the downloadable videos that show the process of registration.

The General ECY Board has generously voted to provide churches with $100 per person attending to help with the cost of this event.  We believe it will be a life-changing experience for your teens so we hope the $100/per person attending will help ease any financial worries.

TEENS: Let your pastor or youth leader know of your interest in attending Follow. Each church is to register all at one time as a group. Your youth leader will do this for you and provide you with information about how and where to submit payment. If you there are two or less teens from your church wanting to attend the conference, have a youth leader or parent contact Pastor Aaron Green at 740-415-7053. We will connect you with another participating church and assist you in registering for Follow.


YOUTH LEADERS: To register for this event, visit FollowConference.org. There is a very good training video that details how to register your whole youth group all at one time AND how to choose a hotel. Here are few important things to know:


  • ECY will reimburse your church $100 per student. After you register, contact the ECY office to let us know how many students you registered.
  • When choosing a hotel, choose the Embassy Suites if possible. We would like all CCCU churches to stay as close together as possible. Space permitting of course.
  • There will be at least one meet-up WITH FOOD for all CCCU youth groups.
  • Registration with at least a 40% payment must be made by November 30th.
  • The conference ends on December 30th, but your registration includes hotel accommodations to the 31st if you wish to spend an extra night.
  • Feel free to modify the parent letter used by Faith Memorial Church below.
  • Questions? Call or text Aaron at 740-415-7053 or send email to ecy@cccuhq.org   

Below are links for relevant information, promotional materials, and documents to assist you with your questions.

Promo Flyer (8.5 x 11)

Poster-Size Promo

Parent Information Letter (can be modified to fit your students)

Follow Conference Leader Guide (FAQ, Schedule, Details)

Hotel Rooming Assignment Helper (for use with helping you organize your room assignments for registration)

Follow Registration Form (you will need this information from your students to fill out your full registration all at once online)

How To Register Video #1 (for part one of the registration process)

How To Register Video #2

registration walk-through videos